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Flotrol Bladder Control Formula and Ingredients

Having a bladder problem is an embarrassing experience as it is. Unfortunately for someone with this condition, having to go out to try and solve this problem is even more torturous.

Not only will you have to go to the hospital and tell your doctor about this, but you will also have to make a trip to the drug store for your meds. No way would you want everyone to know about your incontinence. Thankfully, though, there is Flotrol.

What is Flotrol?

Flotrol is an all-natural bladder support that is formulated especially for mature adults with bladder control problems. The Flotrol bladder control formula features soy and pumpkin seed extracts, which were clinically proven to strengthen the bladder and urinary tract and improve their overall function.

Once you take Flotrol, you will begin to notice results within one to two weeks. And as the weeks go by, you will notice more and more improvement. Flotrol is safe to take in the long term as it is formulated from food products.

Because of this, your body will metabolize Flotrol in the same way it does to the food you eat, without stressing your liver. This is because Flotrol does not contain any toxins that may be harmful to your liver.

Flotrol Formula

The Flotrol bladder control formula contains two main ingredients: soy and pumpkin seed extracts. Pumpkin seed extract has been shown to improve urinary functions in clinical settings.

A study that appeared in a German magazine back in 2000 showed that 64.8 per cent of men who took pumpkin seed extract for 12 months showed decrease in frequent urinating, along with a more thorough emptying of the bladder. The study thus proposed that pumpkin seed extract is a better alternative when treating urinary problems.

A study was done to evaluate the effects of pumpkin seed extract in rats to determine bladder functionality. Based on the measurement that followed, bladder parameters showed a dramatic 54.5 per cent improvement in rats receiving pumpkin seed extract compared to other agents.

Meanwhile, soy extract, particularly soy isoflavone, provides standardized phytoestrogens that are potentially effective in improving elderly symptoms relating to estrogen deficit.

Numerous clinical studies have hypothesized that taking a standardized dosage of soy extract can decrease the deterioration of tissues where the bladder and urethra meet, thus lessening frequent urinary urges and incontinence.

Upon further investigation of the main ingredients that the Flotrol bladder control formula contains, you can see that they are indeed effective in helping control one’s urinary bladder.

To summarize the benefits that each ingredient gives, the pumpkin seed extract decreases frequency in urinating and helps in thoroughly emptying one’s bladder, while the soy extract mainly targets the female user, especially since it provides phytoestrogens that are useful for women suffering from estrogen deficit.

In addition to these amazing facts, you can also buy Flotrol online, so you won’t have to make that embarrassing trip to the drugstore to buy your urinary control medication.

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