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Bladder Control Problems – How to Deal With It

Have you ever experienced being in the middle of something exciting, like the final minute of a neck-to-neck sports game on TV, but having to go somewhere and miss the best move because there is something more important you have to do that cannot wait any longer? Well, bladder control problems for some is the excitement ruin-er.

What triggers bladder control problems?

The bladder is an essential part of the body that stores urine and empties the body from it. Bladder control problems are the irregularities in the bladder movement that cause difficulties with your everyday lifestyle.

These problems include urinary incontinence or the inability to hold back urine and the frequency of urination – how many times a day you pee. It is important for the body to get rid itself of the urine because it is considered the trash of what goes through the body. But frequent urination is also bad for the body.

Is this a disease or it just comes naturally?

For most people, bladder control problems come with age. Because age comes with little control of muscles, muscles in the bladder area included, older people frequently experience bladder control problems.

For other people, on the other hand, bladder control problems come as a side effect of other diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

How will you deal with bladder control problems?

There are a lot of ways on how to treat your bladder control problems, whether it comes with age or not. Treatments are based on the severity of your problem.

Easy remedies

Some easy remedies include certain exercises like involving the pelvic muscle that will help you improve your urethra for proper regulation or urine.

There is also bladder training that is similar to how you train toddlers to control their urination. Allot certain times of the day that you will go to the comfort room for more control of holding back urine.

Sometimes, the diet is the biggest factor on why you can’t control your bladder better. Research on what food causes you to increase your urge to pee. Or, you can always just use adult diapers.

Medical solutions

If you have tried some of the easy remedies but none seem to be working at all, then maybe you have a severe bladder control problem. Try some solutions like medicines or pills or even surgery. Medicines will work for you by tightening your urethral muscles, while others can calm your overactive bladder for more control.

Surgeries, on the other hand, are expensive but rest assured 100% effective. These operations will depend on what and how severe your case is, but it will definitely improve your bladder control.

These surgeries generally involve changing the position of the bladder so as to make the muscles work better for you. There are also medical devices available if you do not want to go under a procedure.

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